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Toiyabe Wastes - Complete Environment/Level

This project was done for a client in Second Life. It is one of the two major environments for the game "Remnants of Earth" which has been previously featured in Kotaku/PC Gamer/etc.

The environment is a scifi/fantasy alternate reality version of the northwest Nevada/Reno region. It includes several locations including an abandoned military outpost, a wasteland settlement surrounding a ruined casino/hotel, a sci-fi mining facility, a sci-fi/fantasy adobe/cave dwelling settlement, and a sci-fi medical triage outpost as well the general wasteland that they are contained in.

Second Life is a last-gen engine. I produced all of the 3d assets, animations and textures for this environment over the course of a few months, some of the assets are included in my porfolio rendered in PBR.

Everything in the project was made using Blender, Quixel Suite and Substance.

Toiyabe Wastes Project Demo Reel