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"Volo Urbano" by Tullio Crali in Animated 3D

This was a personal project that I had wanted to do for a while due to the similarity of the original painting to a lowpoly 3d rendering. I modeled out the scene in Blender and animated it using both keyframe and path-follow animation techniques to create a seamless 100 frame loop of the planes flying through the city (with motion illusion). I included annotations with some details about the Futurist movement, which is the origin of the painting. Textures were done in substance painter and post-processing within the Sketchfab viewer itself was utilized to create the final look!

This project received a staff pick on Sketchfab and won the May 2017 monthly lowpoly challenge "UtopiaLPChallenge"! The original painting the piece was based on can be seen in the description on Sketchfab.

Animated Painting: "Volo Urbano" by Tullio Crali